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Towards an Integrative Ontology of the Capitalist State: Post-war Japan as
a Case Study
Myles Carroll
Housing First in Tokyo: Rethinking the Complicities between Housing First
and Neoliberalism
Teruhiro Yamakita
From Foreign Child to Deportee: The Case of T, a Brazilian Man of Japanese
Descent Who Lived in Japan for 20 Years
Matsuo Tamaki
Orientalism in Buraku Studies: Through the Examination of Outcaste
Akira Kobayakawa
Not a Small Step, But No Giant Leap: The Implementation of a British-style
Independent Monitoring Board System for Prisons in Japan
Silvia Croydon
Governmentality in the Time of COVID-19: The Use of Corporate Packaged
Food as an Instrument for Tension Management in Metro Manila
Heriberto Ruiz Tafoya
Honorary Whiteness as a Relational Construct: Ethnoracial Formations of
Japanese and Chinese in Apartheid South Africa
Meyu Yamamoto
Towards Multilayered Positional Research: Introducing Tojisha-kenkyu and
“Stronger” Standpoint Theory
Phillip Hughes
Growing Up Chinese in Japan: An Autoethnography
Hao Liu
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