[Electric data]Corporate Packaged Food in Slums: Market and Meanings in the Filipino Sari-Sari Stores


Author:Heriberto Ruiz-Tafoya

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This paper has a twofold purpose.


First, to argue that a combined research on the market and meaning spheres clarifies the modus operandi of large processed food corporations in slums.


In the market sphere occurs the trade of commodities expecting a physical or objective consumption; in the meaning sphere, the subjective experiences of retailers and consumers can be expressed in symbols, referents, codes, identities, emotions, etc.


Second, to show the results of a qualitative research of Filipino Sari-Sari stores’ meanings about corporate packaged food (CPF); four categories of meaning were found: sales-related, business facilitation, favorable attributes, and unfavorable attributes of CPF.


The findings can be further compared by scholars or professionals studying CPF or intervening in slums.